J Douglas Professional Piano Tuning Service 2021

Have your piano tuned by an experienced, professional piano tuner. 

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Steinway, Yamaha, Wurlitzer, Chickering, Baldwin, Kohl and Campbell, Pearl River, Boesendorfer, Bechstein Grand Pianos and Consoles.
Piano tuning since 1995. Quality service and satisfied customers in 8 states including North Carolina. 

Churches, Homes, Schools, Arena's, Concert Venue's.
Piano's tuned : $120
Regular piano tuning helps build string “strength.” After several regular tunings the pitch will not stray as quickly.  Pianos should ideally be tuned 2-3 times per year, especially in the North-East and Mid-West, namely, once per season, as temperature and humidity changes with each season, and these climate changes cause pianos (which are made of wood) to go out of tune.

If a piano has not been tuned for several years it may require additional tuning work, such as Pitch-Raising, a pre-tuning process that prepares the strings to be tuned. Or Double-Tuning, when a quicker ‘chip’ tuning is performed before the second ‘fine’ tuning several days later. A double tuning is done because the tuning process itself can cause weak strings to quickly go out-of-tune.

Piano Assessment: $75
Evaluation of a piano's strength's and weaknesses. What condition is it in? How tight are the tuning pins? Any cracks in the bridge and the soundboard? What is the regulation like? Are there scratches on the surface?

Pedal adjustment: $50
Squeaky pedals are a nuisance and aggravation. These can usually be remedied and fixed.
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